City Morgue – THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE (Music Video)

Following the release of their new mixtape, TOXIC BOOGALOO, City Morgue drops their latest video for “THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE” via Hikari-Ultra/Republic Records.

“THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE” is the opening song on the 10-track mixtape that expertly fuses the worlds of rock and rap. As a detuned guitar groans, ZillaKami and SosMula dismember the beat between sirens and gun clicks. In the video, the duo brings their otherworldly energy to suburbia as they rage through the streets with friends.

On TOXIC BOOGALOO, New York’s most notorious duo flex their storytelling like never before and hint at a deeper, darker, and deadlier narrative. Be sure to check out the standout record, “THE ELECTRIC EXPERIENCE”, today!

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