Daryll Joseph – Just My Opinion

Daryll Joseph releases “Just My Opinion”, the incredibly personal, yet topical piece reprimanding the injustices present within society.

Both inspired and sickened by the current events unraveling across the country, Daryll reaffirms that ignorance is not bliss. For, he strives to set the example by no longer contributing to such systemic issues, and others should follow suit.  

Rap has taken on new meaning for Daryll through the form of complete self-expression. While realizing this gift has not been the easiest journey, his continued persistence and dedication have allowed for both lyrical and cumulative artistic development.

Born in Canada to a middle-class family, Daryll was able to utilize his teenage years for retrospection and evaluation. As a result, his lyrics remain in a similar fashion. Proud of what he has to say, Daryll is as unapologetic as it gets. If you don’t like him, simply do not listen. But in the meantime, be sure to check out the absolutely necessary single “Just My Opinion” today!