Freddie Dredd – Speak Up

Springing from the dark corners of the internet rap underground, Freddie Dredd earned a legion of fans with his ultra-dark lyrics and subsonic beats. Collecting his bleakest lyrics and hardest-hitting beats into an adventurous package, Freddie announces SUFFER, his upcoming EP. Influenced by the more extreme sub-genres of Southern hip-hop, especially the strain of horrorcore embraced by Memphis artists like Three 6 Mafia, Freddie’s music packs scores of sonic ideas into bite-sized bangers, often featuring shifts in tempo and vocal pitch. In his lyrics, Freddie amuses his fans and himself with the use of extreme imagery and creative threats. Featuring recent singles like “Darko“, “Necklace”, and “Tool”, SUFFER is the purest distillation of the 23-year-old Ontario native’s worldview, offering an unfiltered glimpse into a world polite society tries to ignore. SUFFER EP arrives on August 18th.

Along with the announcement of the EP, Freddie Dredd shares “Speak Up”, the latest single from the project. Self-produced under his Ryan C. alias, “Speak Up”, is a macabre tour-de-force, combining screeching synths and subsonic bass with morbid lyrics about death and destruction. Be sure to check out “Speak Up” for a hint of what’s to come with SUFFER

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