Donyella – Work

Premiering via Loyalty Over Royalty Radio, Detroit’s Donyella releases her latest single “Work”. 

At just 23 years old, Donyella has a lot going for her. A recent college graduate and a small-business owner; however, music still proves to be her driving passion. For good reason, as she is a natural on the mic.  

Since an early age music has provided an outlet, a form of expression for the young superstar. In utilizing her unfortunate upbringing as motivation, listeners can detect the immense amount of thought, sentiment, and personality that goes into each record. With each release, she unveils another piece of herself to the world.  

This undeniable sense of confidence and independence permeates throughout “Work”. Remaining true to a sound that cannot be duplicated or replicated, Donyella expresses her desire for the finer things in life. As the one-and-only Donyella, there is no competition to her, for her work ethic cannot be matched, let alone surpassed.  

Boasting four singles to her name — “No Sleep”, “Why They Hating”, “Riding”, and the most recent “Work” — Donyella is just getting started. A female powerhouse not to be messed with, Donyella is going to be a name to remember. Catch on quick because she’s coming up fast, with no stopping in sight.