Adolfo Garcia – Celestial

Born in 1982, Adolfo Garcia has encountered plenty of experiences thus far in life, but none have defined him. A lost soul throughout his youth, Adolfo has now found his true calling through music. With his sights reset on what matters most, his passion for the guitar has reclaimed the utmost importance.

Embarking on his recording journey in April of this year, Adolfo boasts two complete singles — “Desolate” and “Celestial”. Prominent within both is his signature instrumental guitar, as well as the development of an ambient atmosphere. Through his work, Adolfo hopes to not only be something different for listeners of today, but an inviting and relaxing presence also. 

As the ever-evolving artist within him continues to grow, we can expect his artistry to as well. With his debut album FATE set for release October 1st, there is plenty in store from the promising musician.