Amongst Wolves – Horizon

The 4-piece pop-rock band Amongst Wolves release their newest single “Horizon”. 

Having formed in Manchester, UK in 2016, “Horizon” is now their third single this year with new singer Dan Jenkins. The track explores an alternative pop-rock sound; using a mysterious and atmospheric style combined with a steady rhythmic beat to create a dynamic tension. “Horizon” is released with an explosive sound of swelling guitars and once again Dan’s impressive vocal range. 

Lyrically, the meaning of this song stems from the hope many individuals find through Christian faith (specifically inspired by Psalm 139 from the Bible). “Horizon” explores the idea that no matter what the circumstance, you are never alone, due to the ever presence of God.

A potentially relevant track for some during the time we find ourselves in now, and also many other situations life may present. Enjoy!