Germ – 7 Hunna Horses (Music Video)

Slicing through distorted trap tracks with his razor sharp voice, Atlanta’s Germ is ready to level up. Molding his rhymes into a propulsive cadence, Germ shares “7 Hunna Horses”, his latest single. Produced by YAYGO, who tragically passed away earlier this year, “7 Hunna Horses” is a bass-heavy warning shot from Germ to the rest of the rap game — you can’t stop his shine, so get behind him or get out of the way. Arriving with a striking animé visualizer, animated by TRASH, depicting figures engaged in combat, the new single is the latest release from The Hijinx Tape, the G59 signee’s upcoming project.

The follow-up to last year’s debut Germ Has A Death Wish, The Hijinx Tape is a 12-song set of rap mayhem, complete with the aggressive beats, machine gun flows, and boss life bars that Germ’s fans have come to expect. Featuring the recently released single “Walked In”, The Hijinx Tape is the ideal soundtrack for crashing a whip just to have an excuse to buy another one. Featuring an appearance from G59’s Shakewell and production from Budd Dwyer (aka Scrim from G59 head honchos $uicideboy$) and more, The Hijinx Tape releases July 31st via G59 Records. Enjoy!