RealGares x OfficialSlime – Sleep

Sixteen-year-old, Australian-based producer RealGares has recently found his stride within the music world. Taking the leap from House EDM into his newest, and most passionate realm, RealGares has mastered multiple avenues of sound. Now, emphasizing ambient and psybient sonics, listeners are in for absolute tranquility with each listen.  

In his first ever collaboration, recently released on SoundCloud, RealGares teams up with fellow producer OfficialSlime for “Sleep”, a.k.a relaxation like never before. Remaining true to his unique signature, “Sleep” makes sure to feature RealGares sidechaining bass and deep kick drums. An early mark of his work.   

With the world ahead of him, and a newfound inspiration for creating, big things can be expected from RealGares in the near future. Stay tuned for more!