versus.xx – wings.xx

22-year-old artist, producer, and engineer, versus.xx, releases the dreamy track “wings.xx”. Per his signature sound, the latest single boasts a stamp of lucidity, which is also prominent within the existing plethora of his artistry. Discussing life’s uncertainties, “wings.xx” is a personal reassurance of a higher power. For, versus believes there are greater forces in command of his destiny; therefore, what is the sense in trying to control them? 

Growing up in Azusa, California, versus is no stranger to the obstacles of low-income, inner-city living. A result of his multicultural household, he maintains a strong spiritual presence. In doing so, he has opted for an existence of belief and hope, rather than the darker, less optimistic alternative. Translating largely into his song-making, versus’ uplifting aura remains an undeniable influence in his genre-bending, trance-like songs.  

An artist in all facets of the word, versus.xx has plenty to offer. Now available for streaming on all platforms via Olympus Projects/Ashtray Management, make sure you check out “wings.xx” today!