GLAIR – Look

Rarely does one come across a young artist with as much potential as 17-year-old GLAIR. Based out of San Jose, California, GLAIR credits his producing capabilities to his seventh grade, YouTube “type beats” days, which opened the door to producing for actual artists, in this case, Cyph.  

Now, a senior in high school, GLAIR has come a long way. Finding his own stride throughout the ride, he prides himself on his vast knowledge of the music world. Having experience with contemporary, R&B, alternative, hip-hop, and electronic, there isn’t much that he can’t do. This is true for his latest single “look!”.  

The gentle, yet whimsical introduction of “look!” beautifully transitions into the “beat that will make you lose your shit”. While his natural talent is undeniable, it’s fair to say that his days in the music industry are just getting started. With the world in the palm of his hands, and a debut album in the works, it’s only up from here for GLAIR. Stay tuned for more.