$poiledBillionaire – Closed Casket

25-year-old, Los Angeles-based artist, $poiledBillionaire is here to make a name for himself.  

Raised in East Hampton Village, by a Wall Street stockbroker and fashion model, parental presence was absent throughout $poiled’s life. From such experiences, loneliness became an undeniable, yet ever present feeling. Fortunately, music has ensured a constant outlet. Having studied the violin, viola, and cello, $poiled finally settled on rapping, as it came the most naturally. 

In taking his aspirations to the top, $poiled maintains his ability to transcend any genre of music. Prompting his unique approach, $poiled matches his energy to that of the track — based on the feeling, which he hopes translates into the listeners as well. With three singles to date, released all in 2020 — “The New One”, “Plz Forgive Me”, and “Closed Casket” — $poiled is eagerly promoting his upcoming single “Fuckin Free”. Due for release later this month, “Fuckin Free” will bring awareness to the current state of the world today. 

With high hopes for the future, stay tuned for more from $poiledBillionaire. 

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