mnstrm. & GRANT – Dawn

Nineteen-year-old producer, Grant Hergenroeder is setting out to make a name for himself, and that he is. Creating one-of-a-kind sounds that some would classify as EDM, future bass, or possibly even experimental trap, he prefers to avoid the labels. Rather, opting for the term “abstract audio,” his artistry can, and will, develop with the utmost freedom.  

Hailing from Maryland, Grant has been making music since his middle school, FL Studio days. Coming a long way since then, he has released numerous singles and an EP to date. The latest release, “DAWN”, as suggested by the title, is an uplifting, inspiring track. Collaborating with fellow producer and close friend mnstrm., the record exudes a tremendous amount of youthful energy. With big plans for the future, and plenty of talent to prove it, stay tuned for the latest from Grant.