Koriindior – HaHa I’m Back

Budding SoundCloud rapper Koriindior returns to the rap scene with the aptly titled “HaHa I’m Back”. Released earlier this month, “HaHa I’m Back” signifies Korindior’s dedication to his craft. Persisting as an undeniable force, he proves himself to be stronger, better, and hungrier than before. 

As a new artist, “before” happens to be a mere four months ago. Koriindior is an extremely fresh face in the game, but, despite the odds, he chose to take a short-lived break to grow and develop into his artistry. Not to worry, he’s back. And not to be forgotten.

Born in Florida, the small town of Homestead on the outskirts of Miami, Koriindior’s childhood was not that of rainbows and sunshine. In using his lived experiences to embark his rap journey, he hopes to set the precedent for others around him— that you can make it out, that you can chase a dream. 

With a brand new single, “Ridin’ Rims Freestyle”, released yesterday via SoundCloud, there is a lot more coming from the aspiring artist. Keep your eyes peeled, Koriindior is not slowing down anytime soon.