Moby Rich & Bishop Briggs – friends* (Music Video)

Alt-pop duo Moby Rich releases the music video for their latest single “friends*” featuring Bishop Briggs today. The video depicts a modern same-sex take on a classic tale of unrequited love among friends. The protagonist wakes up from a long night only to dream of his best friend falling in love with him. As the story unfolds, the colorful clip captures feelings of longing set to the song’s bass-heavy production, distorted guitars and powerful push-and-pull between Moby Rich and Bishop Briggs.

Pushing for relatability, the track spotlights the emotional roller coaster associated with developing feelings for a friend. In doing so, the record and accompanying visual shed light on the commonality of such an experience, and road maps for how to navigate it. Regardless of how anxiety inducing the situation may be, the duo helps remind the fans that there is hope and anything can happen.