Drakeo The Ruler – GTA VI (Lyric Video)

Few rappers blur the lines between reality and fiction like Drakeo The Ruler, whose lyrics paint a vivid and cinematic picture of life in the L.A. streets. Giving a stern warning to showboating rappers who think life is just a game, Drakeo shares “GTA VI”, his new lyric video.

A pitch-black West Coast slapper with rattling shakers and ominous electric keys, “GTA VI” slyly weaves in references to the titular video game series, as Drakeo admonishes reckless wannabes who don’t realize that real g’s move in silence. In the second verse, Drakeo flips the perspective, as he quotably offers a lavish account of his boss life. The lyric video borrows the signature font from Grand Theft Auto, offering visions of a Los Angeles (or is it Los Santos?) rendered in the blocky graphics of early editions of the famed video game franchise.