Lewielxrdd – The Flashy Broke Boy Album

Newly on the rap scene, artist Lewielxrdd personally spoke to Loyalty Over Royalty Radio about his come-up and latest releases. Born in Oak Park, Illinois, but raised on the Eastside of Chicago, the 23-year-old started recording at eleven years old… on a tape recorder! With a musically oriented family, one could say Lewielxrdd was destined for this life. Now, determined to make his late father proud, he strives to carry the torch himself and build the legacy.  

Losing his father at an early age, then raised solely by a single mother, life has not been the easiest for Lewielxrdd, but he refuses to have it any other way. Possessing a drive that constantly pushes for more, he is going to the top, no matter what it takes. In describing his musical style, Lewielxrdd prides himself on versatility. The mission of his art is not only to inspire but relate with his listeners.  

With twenty-nine singles to date, including the successful “Change”, “Tell The Truth”, and “Waste Time”, Lewielxrdd released his debut album, The Flashy Broke Boy, on April 20th. Currently available for streaming on all platforms, the project is derived from the natural human attraction to finer things, and the subsequent process of achieving those dreams.  

Shamelessly on his grind, Lewielxrdd is confident for what the future holds. Go ahead and peep his first album, and do not forget to stay tuned for the “Change/Hit A Lick” official music video dropping soon.