ZillaKami Ft. Nascar Aloe – ACAB (Music Video)

Standing on his infectious rock melodies, ZillaKami of Hikari-Ultra/Republic Records duo City Morgue releases a video for “ACAB” featuring Nascar Aloe. The song is a highlight from CITY MORGUE VOL 2: AS GOOD AS DEAD DELUXE.

The melding of rock and rap is a concept that’s existed within the underbelly of music for decades, yet few have done what City Morgue is doing. When upstarts SosMula and ZillaKami come together, their fusion is seamless—oozing true skill with a reckless lack of fucks left to give. 

In the graphic video, ZillaKami explores desolate trenches joined by Nascar Aloe. Channeling all of their punk energy, the guys chant “ACAB” as they flaunt their provocative rockstar lifestyle filled with raging concerts and mobbing through the streets with friends. “ACAB” is a new cut from City Morgue’s CITY MORGUE VOL 2: AS GOOD AS DEAD DELUXE album, which was released on May 15th and is the #2 most played rock song on SoundCloud following the duo’s #1 rock drop on the platform, “THE FALL BEFORE THE GIVE UP” featuring Clever.