YB aka Yung Boss – 23 (Music Video)

Toronto rapper YB aka Yung Boss recently premiered the music video for his debut single “23”. The 22-year-old artist has been writing since the young age of 11, but just recently started recording, upon release from jail. With a reinvigorated passion for his craft, Yung Boss is just getting started and the sky’s the limit for his path to musical stardom. As a proclaimed turn-up artist, he wants his listeners to know that his potential breaks traditional genre boundaries, for his versatility will be clear in no time.  

 The debut track “23” is a reference to his stature in the rap game. Proving his doubters wrong, YB is “ballin’ like 23”, living out a movie. Growing up, Yung Boss had to learn to get money on his own. While fending for himself, YB was able to achieve the inspirational self-made success story that so many aspire to pursue, making the topic of the song so much more personal. As a message to all aspiring creators, believe in yourself and follow your dreams, because YB did it, and he is currently on a mission. “23” is out now, on all platforms. Stay tuned for Yung Boss’s next single “Everything Changed” premiering on YouTube later this month!