Kwad – Headshot (Music Video)

Jamaican-born, Virginia-based rapper Kwad premieres his latest video for “Headshot”. Straight off the freshly released SoundBoy 3 project, “Headshot” is quite the telling piece into Kwad’s no fear approach to life. In prioritizing “headshots” over “legshots” the overall killer instinct Kwad possesses is clearly insinuated, especially in terms of his music career. The confidence exuded within the song can persuade any listener to bet on Kwad before the competition, as his ambition will not allow him to lose.  

The term “video” is largely an understatement for the production that “Headshot” is. Produced by Grand Vision Films and directed by Zoovie, the viewers are taken through a seemingly typical night with Kwad and his crew. With Rolls-Royce’s and stacks of cash, accompanied by impressive visual effects, “Headshot” is quite the flex. After watching, Kwad’s lack of fear for any opposition is made obvious, as well as his message— you are wrong to mess with this rising superstar, and do not forget it. “Headshot” is available for streaming now, be sure to check out the killer visual as well!