Sheff G – No Suburban Pt. 2 (Music Video)

Breaking onto the scene with his sing-song flow and basso voice, Sheff G helped make drill music the sound of Brooklyn. Now a figurehead of one of rap’s most exciting ascending scenes, Sheff returns to the moment that started it all with “No Suburban Pt. 2”, his new music video. With a beat from Great John, “No Suburban Pt. 2” follows-up 2017’s “No Suburban”, a fiery track that took the streets of NY by storm and kickstarted a new rap movement in his home borough. 

The sequel finds Sheff in rare form, reflecting on his rise from striver to thriver and sharing harsh words for those who don’t think he can stay on top. In the cinematic, black-and-white video, Sheff draws a contrast between his dreadlocked teenage self and his current baller status, driving through the streets of Brooklyn in a Rolls-Royce and mobbing with his homies in the studio. As one of the East Coast’s most vital artists, time will only tell the potential of Sheff G. Stream “No Suburban Pt. 2” today!