Nu Deco Ensemble – Humans vs. Robots (Daft Punk Suite)

Created by two of classical music’s most in demand artists, Jacomo Bairos and Sam Hyken, Nu Deco Ensemble is a flexible and innovative hybrid orchestra that celebrates living composers, reimagines all genres of music and collaborates with a wide range of diverse musical guests, composers, choreographers, dancers, and mixed media artists. As part of their ongoing mission to fuse original symphonic music with a diverse range of modern artists and genres, Nu Deco Ensemble has released their original symphonic suite of Daft Punk music entitled “Humans vs. Robots”. Originally performed at The Light Box in Nu Deco’s home city of Miami, FL in 2017, this was the follow up to one of the first reimagined orchestral works co-creators Sam Hyken and Jacomo Bairos dreamed up together.

“Releasing ‘Humans v. Robots’ feels very full circle. When we initially performed our first Daft Punk Suite in 2015, we wanted to push the boundaries of what we believed an orchestra, as a model of ultimate creativity, expression and musical finesse, could be. We made it the center piece on our very first concert!,” shares Bairos in an exclusive interview with Variety. “Returning back with this new, fleshed out suite of Daft Punk, reminds me of how their music simple feels timeless and expansive. Cinematic and wide, yet measured like J. S. Bach. Sam’s unique ability to keep this music clean and clear, while enhancing the vision of Daft Punk, speaks to the dynamic nature of what the sound of an orchestra is capable of.” Enjoy!