Problem – G Shit

Compton rapper Problem shares his self-produced new song “G Shit”. Over a soulful reflective track, Problem delves into his most raw and personal revelations. The new music is featured in his autobiographical short film A Compton Story and will be included in his forthcoming new album Coffee & Kush Vol. 1.  

“Every song of mine in A Compton Story was recorded outside on my balcony. No walls, no barriers. It was just me, the mic, my coffee & kush,” explains Problem.  

But don’t let the apparent simplicity fool you. The intricately crafted bars and seamless flow of “G Shit” cannot be accomplished by anything less than a creative genius. Hopefully indicative of the entire album, “G Shit” should have us waiting in anticipation for the debut of Coffee & Kush Vol. 1. Enjoy!