Savage Ga$p – i hope ur doing well

i hope ur doing well sums up everything we didn’t know about Savage Ga$p. The multi-talented vocalist and lyricist wears his heart on his tatted sleeve in this compassionate ballad. “She moved to London for some other dude and I’m still lowkey upset,” he said, “but I hope she’s doing well.”

The release marks the beginning of his debut album cycle and the 21-year-old, born Gaspare Magaddino, has something to prove: “If you know me to make catchy growl-rap for the eBoys on TikTok, please find your seats,” he tells us. “Act II is about to begin.” 

Coming off a year of huge Internet success behind his cross-genre indie smash, “pumpkins scream in the dead of night,” Savage Ga$p delivers a first-look at his array of abilities with this poetic love song. The self-proclaimed “King of Halloween” has found an engaged audience on TikTok with over 5 million  15-second video creations to his songs, which helped make “pumpkins scream in the dead of night” a viral chart-topping single with over 30 million streams. 

By collaborating with close friend and lo-fi hip-hop mogul, haroinfather, on the recently released, 80’s hydraulic future-funk anthem, “Like Dat”, Ga$p continues to prove he can’t be confined. And that narrative is only strengthened with this genre-bending release. 

Savage Ga$p’s penchant for good vibes, politeness, and positivity is already the antidote to self-doubt for tens of thousands of fans. Now, the effortless poetry, breezy arrangements and sunny sound of “i hope ur doing well” will bring his musical literacy and grasp of internet culture to millions more in 2020. 

Produced by Colliding With Mars, this is the first single off Ga$p’s forthcoming album to be released on Crowned Records, a division of 300 Entertainment.  The official music video, directed by ITSOKTOCRY and starring a puppet version of Ga$p, is set to drop in late February around an exciting European tour announcement. Enjoy!