Yung Pinch Ft. blackbear – Beach Ballin

Unearthing infectious melodies with his soft tenor, life is a beach for Cali artist Yung Pinch. Aiming for universality with a wistful banger, Yung Pinch shares “Beach Ballin’,” the young artist’s mission statement. Surfing atop waves of rumbling bass and cavernous synths, Pinch starts the track on a melancholy and purposefully vague note, emphasizing the comfortably numb life of a beach boy from the wrong side of Huntington Beach, California: “Somethin’ ’bout ridin’ through the city/Somethin’ bout bein’ by myself/I should be ok on my own/I just wanna be alone.” By the end of the track, and with the help of his Beartrap label head blackbear, who mourns fallen friends in his verse, Pinch internalizes his hardships and celebrates his ability to make the most out of a bad hand: “But I’m ballin’/Yeah, I’m beach ballin’/And she’s fallin’ for me.” “Beach Ballin'” is the latest wavy anthem from the 22-year-old artist’s upcoming debut album Back 2 The Beach, following “Over It“, the recent single with Wiz Khalifa.

Talking about the song, Pinch said, “I knew the song was going to be special because we put so much emotion into the song. Working with Blackbear is always a fun collaboration, been overdue to release another song together.” blackbear echoed the sentiment, “Basically when I started my verse I was in a place of reflection. You know, Yung Pinch really blessed me with this song. It was my favorite song of the whole album and he let me jump on it and be a part of it. Now that Beartrap is the official distribution of this album, I just couldn’t be more overjoyed and grateful to have such talent and a pillar of the industry and of the young people and of the beach.”

Packed with aching melodies and beats that run the gamut from candy-coated trap to moody alt-rock, Back 2 The Beach spans 18-tracks with lyrics that betray a sense of loneliness and pain beneath the party-positive atmosphere. Executive produced by L.A. alt-rap hero Cisco Adler, Back 2 The Beach is darker and more personal than Pinch’s previous work, speaking on the struggles Pinch faced in his transition from an 18-year-old beach boy to a successful artist. Featuring appearances from Wiz Khalifa, YG, Pinch’s Beartrap label head blackbear, Pouya, and pop-emo veterans Good Charlotte, Back 2 The Beach arrives on January 17th via Beartrap / TWNSHP.